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Seeking unspoiled tropical diving and perfect palm fringed white sandy beaches! Bubble07 Divers has the answer. Situated on Malapascua Island in the Philippines, Bubble07 Divers offers daily dive trips to the best shark diving locations in the Philippines, wrecks dating back to W.W.II, perfect coral reefs and even cave diving. Our training facilities offer PADI courses to suit all, from beginner to professional.

If 6 meter Manta Rays take your fancy or you wish to photograph Malapascua's world famous Thresher Sharks or just experience close encounters with White Tips Reef sharks, Hammerheads, Bamboo Sharks, or explore wrecks. We offer daily dive trips.

Within two and a half hours from Cebu International airport, you will be settled in your beach bungalow nestling under the palm trees, looking out over a clear blue ocean with pure white sand between your toes. click here to contact us for airport transfer

 Bubble07 Divers Offers:

- Diving in small groups - Airport Transfers
- Wreck diving - Accommodation booking 
- Range of PADI courses - Equipment rental for all sizes of diver
- Nitrox and Tec Diving - Water Sports
- Over night safaris Trips - Fast Dive boat

Dive Sites

We offer single boat dives or day trips with two dives on one trip. When possible on day trips we visit small islands between dives to take lunch on the beach. Non-diving partners and snorkellers are always welcome. Our dive boats carry hot drinks, water, first aid kits, radios, medical oxygen. We dive in small groups supervised by experienced dive guides. We have equipment rental to fit all sizes, our tanks are both DIN and A clamp. Wreck diving enthusiasts click here.

Monad Shoal  Max depth 26m
A sunken island just 15 minutes away by boat, Monad Shoal is a mecca for large pelagics and the only place in the Philippines and possibly S.E. Asia were the stunning Thresher sharks can be observed daily.
The soft coral garden on the plateau of the shoal provides habitat for the cleaning wrass that attracts the pelagic species, as they come to have parasites removed from their bodies at one of the many cleaning stations. A real life close encounter with these magnificent animals is truly an unforgettable experience. The Thresher Shark is typically a shy species, prefering deep water, they pose no threat to divers. Monad Shoal also attracts large Manta Rays up to 6.5m and Devil Rays on a regular basis. On deeper dives schooling Hammerheads can be seen when the water temp drops. Photos

Gato  Max depth 22m
A rocky outcrop standing alone in the ocean, Gato Island provides a breeding haven for a multitude of species. Divers encounter White Tip Reef Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Black Banded sea Snakes, Cuttle Fish, Blue Ringed Octopus, Pygmy Sea Horses, Thorny Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Nudibranchs, Flat Worms, Lobsters, Sea Spiders, Harlequin Ghost pipefish, Shrimps, Moray eels, Turtles not to mention schools of Squids, Tuna, large mouthed Mackerel and Snapper. Gato Island offers interesting underwater typography, with numerous caves, swim trough's, walls and slopes. The fascinating combination of hard and soft corals with the huge diversity of marine life both large and small, make Gato a favorite with all divers. For the more experienced diver, Gato offers a cave system, often full of sharks, that allows divers to pass under the island. Photos

Alex Rock  Max depth 30m
A secret reef near Leyte, Alex Rock provides a spectacular dive. The underwater topography is made up from large rocks, walls, over hangs and a slope with superb hard and soft coral growth. Sunlight from the surface coming through the overhanging soft corals can make an inspiring picture. The interesting topography, colorful sea fans, Nudibranches, flat worms and abundant reef fish make this dive site well worth a visit.

Haley's Point  Max depth 18m
A pristine secret reef of hard table coral surrounding a rocky outcrop. Haley's point is located within a remote locally protected area. How many dive sites have table corals which exceed 15 feet with no diver damage or bleaching? Superb hard and soft corals totally untouched by human impact. Haley's point is home to a very healthy diverse reef fish population and turtles.

Numez Shoal  Max depth 40m
Numez Shoal is surrounded by vertical Walls going down to 1000m. Drifting along this wall and under the overhangs, you will see an array of Larger Reef and Pelagic Fish amongst numerous giant Sea Fans, Black Coral, small ledges over hangs and caves. Giant barracudas, eagle rays and large tunas are often seen and for part of the year the visibility reaches 45+ meters. The wall is home to banded cleaning shrimps, white eye morays, reef octopus, huge lion fish and a school of giant bat fish. A shallow reef occupies the top of the shoal with superb hard corals and giant sponges.

North Point  Max depth 18m
The closest dive site to Malapascua, north point consists of canyons, slopes and a wall. The area is covered with colorful soft corals and provides a home to a variety of Nudibranches, Moray eels, flat worms, frog fish, Eagle Rays and Reef Fish. The dive site is well suited to macro photography and the rare and colorful mandarin fish can often be found near by.

Chocolate Island  Max depth 17m
A small island between Malapascua and North Cebu, this rocky outcrop is surrounded by slopes, which are inhabited by Hard & Soft Corals and many smaller Reef Fish species. This site is partially good for macro photography especially a good variety of shrimps.

Maripipi, Samar, North Leyte  Max depth 30m
This stunning volcanic area north of Malapascua offers true frontier diving. The only access to this remote area is from Malapascua. Maripipi has very good Hard and soft Corals and health fish stocks. Large pelagics are regular visitors to this area, you can expect to find Black and White Tip Reef Sharks and Rays. Much of this area still remains undiscovered and untouched by man. To dive this area we operate 2-4 day Dive Safari's. Please contact us for more information.

Calanggaman Island  Max depth 40m
A stunning slice of paradise, Calanggaman Island is located mid channel, between Leyte and Cebu. With a population of 60, life has not changed much on the island in the last few 100 years. Surrounding the Island are deep Walls reaching 850m down to the ocean floor. The walls have a collection of fascinating Hard Corals, including Black Coral and are inhabited buy larger Reef Fish. Sharks and Eagle Rays can be seen travelling along the walls in the blue. It is topped by shallow reef, which is home to Turtles and smaller Reef Fish.

Maria Point  Max depth 18m
A fantastic variety of Hard Corals and Sea Fans Maria's point experiences strong currents, but in a lucky turn of fate this has left the site rarely dived. This site can only be dived at certain times of the month.

Horny Reef  Max depth 12m
A locally operated and funded fish sanctuary, Horny Reef has been established by the local fishing community as a protected breeding ground since 1997. The dive site has a thick covering of Stag Horn Coral, which is in the very best condition. This has provided the habitat for all types of Reef Fish to breed and live.

Wreck Diving

We have a selection of wrecks at different depths to suit all levels, some we are still looking for. We are equipped for Tec divers, with our own Nitrox station, twins with isolation manifolds (DIN or A clamp) and stage tanks, we can provide deco mix upto 100% oxygen.

Dona Marilyn  Max depth 32m
Generally regarded as the best wreck in the Visayas, ferocious typhoon Ruby (165 km/h winds) on October 24th 1988 sank this large Sulpicio Lines, Cebu to Manila ferry. The Dona Marilyn is the sister ship of the ill fated Dona Paz, which collided with a tanker in 1987, resulting in the worst peacetime maritime accident on record. The true reason for the sinking of the Dona Marilyn is still unclear, however it is believe that her load shifted in the typhoon causing her to capsize. 250 deaths were recorded.
With a supply of nutrient rich water the wreck has Abundant Coral Growth, which is inhabited by a large population of fish, flat worms, Nudibranches, Blue Spotted Sting Rays live under the stern and Eagle Rays are commonly seen. The Dona Marilyn lies on its side in 32m of water and remains in good condition.

Tapilon Japanese W.W.II Cargo Ship  Max depth 27m
Hit by three torpedoes drop by air, this WWII Japanese cargo carrier has been broken into two sections. Diving this wreck you will see many species of flat worms, thorny sea horses, moray eels, cuttle fish, squids, harlequin ghost pipefish and scorpion Fish, but perhaps more interesting is the hidden history and the torpedo damage suffered by the ship. Huge metal structures have been twisted like butter in the sun. It seems likely that the ship was carrying explosives when it was hit.

Japanese W.W.II Landing Craft  Max depth 10m
Bombed while delivering cement to Malapascua for a gun emplacement, this landing craft lies just off the island lighthouse. Passing typhoons have broken up much of the wreck. Bamboo sharks often shelter in the wreck and a pair of harlequin ghost pipefish are resident. Just off the wreck in a hard coral garden we can easily find the rare colorful mandarin fish.

MV Asia  Max depth 26m
A recent wreck, MV Asia offers excellent penetration dive for those qualified and interested. The wreck lies on its side and all decks are open for discovery. The damage that sunk the ship just a couple of years ago is very evident and she still has one prop. The wreck is still very clean, most of the doors still open and closes easily, a dive for wreck enthusiast.

Pioneer Japanese W.W.II Vessel  Max depth 54m
Sitting upright on the bottom, this small Japanese cargo / patrol boat is in good condition considering its age. No salvage attempts have been made and the hull is still intact. The wreck has good fish life and Sharks and Rays are often seen. The top of the wreck is in 43m and the bottom 54m. The torpedo hit the stern section, the prop is still in place. This Wreck is for divers with the relevant qualifications or experience in decompression diving. We are equipped for Tec divers, with our own Nitrox station, twins with isolation manifolds (DIN or A clamp) and stage tanks, we can provide deco mix upto 100% oxygen. Click here to contact us

PADI Courses

Whether you just want to try diving for the first time, or you want to make a career as a professional diver we offer a complete range of dive courses taught in a friendly relaxed environment. Bubble07 Divers is a registered PADI Dive Center, operated by experienced European staff, training complies with international standards. Bubble07 prides itself on a highly professional training reputation, we specialize in small groups and giving students the time they need to learn.

Want to learn to Dive? PADI OPEN WATER

For most people we recommend an Intro Dive (PADI Discover Scuba), before they learn to dive. This gives a taste of being underwater. From the intro dive the student will then enter the PADI Open Water course. This take between 3-5 days, upon completion the student will be a fully qualified diver with an internationally recognized diving certification. All inclusive price for open water is $300. click here to contact us

Qualified Diver Training Programs           

PADI Scuba Tune Up  Generally recommended if you have been out of the water for six months or more.
PADI Adventure Diver Halfway to being advanced, this course will help to improve your diving skills.
PADI Advanced O/W Learn to navigate underwater, dive deeper, multi level diving, to mention but a few.
PADI Basic Nitrox  Stay down longer, reduce nitrogen narcosis and the risk of DCS.
E M R A prerequisite for rescue diver and divemaster course.
PADI Rescue Diver  Learn search and recovery techniques to help your buddy.
PADI Dive Master Become a professional diver, the course includes Free Unlimited Diving
prices click here Contact us


Bubble07 Divers provides accommodation services for divers. Available rooms includes beach front bungalows with a view out to sea, rooms are available in double or twin layouts, all rooms have private bathrooms and fans. Prices range from 500 pesos in the low season to 800+ pesos in the high season. We are able to arrange aircon room by request for around $50. Please contact us to make a reservation.

Travel Tips and Finding Us

To reach the Philippines there are two principle entry points, Manila and Cebu. We recommend Cebu as it is closer to Malapascua. Cathy Pacific fly from Hong Kong and Silk Air from Singapore direct to Cebu daily. Quatar and Malaysian Airlines also have regular schedules. Internal flighs Manila to Cebu cost around $50 and takes 1 hour. Most nationalities receive a 21 day tourist visa when entering the Philippines. To stay beyond 21 days you need an extension that can be obtained in Cebu at the department of immigration.

From Cebu Mactan Airport to Bubble07 Divers

Airport Pickup and Transfer: For $55 one way per car, (the cost is split between the group max 4 divers), for a larger van which can hold upto 8 divers we charge $65. we will meet you from your flight in Cebu and bring you to Malapascua. Contact Bubble07 Divers to make arrangements.

Make your own way: Catch a taxi from the airport to Maya port, this should cost 1800 pesos for the whole taxi and take two and a half hours. Once in Maya you can arrange a "special trip" that will leave straight away for Malapascua, this should cost 800-1000pesos and takes 20 minutes, plan to be in Maya before 4.00 pm.

Budget traveler: The cheapest route is to take a Taxi from the airport to the Northern Bus Terminal (190 pesos), catch a Bus to Maya. The best bus to catch is the Rough rider (80 pesos) this takes four hours+. From Maya a public boat to Malapascua (50 pesos) takes 20 minutes, it is best to be in Maya before 3.00 pm.

Budgetting and Money

The currency of the Philippines is Pesos, currently the rate hovers around 56 pesos to one US dollar. Malapascua money changers give a poor rate, so best to stock up on Pesos in Cebu. The easiest way to do this is with a bank card (Cirrus, Maestro, Master card or Visa) through an ATM, we recommend BPI, PCI Equitable or HSBC banks in Cebu. Bubble07 will accept payment in US dollar cash and Pesos cash. Accommodation on Malapascua ranges from $6 to $50 a day depending on the time of year and accommodation style. Budget about $10 a day for food, beers costs half a dollar each.

Health / Medical

The food on the island is from western run restaurants, hygiene is good. Tap water is not suitable for drinking, bottled drinking water is widely available on the island. Typically food hygiene and medical facilities in the Philippines are good by S.E Asian standards, hospitals in Cebu have the latest equipment, including recompression chambers (2.5 hours from Bubble07). Outside the main cities, hospitals can be a little basic. Malapascua is not a malaria area.

The Philippines

The Philippines is typically a friendly nation. The country is more developed than other S.E. Asian countries with a 95% literacy rate, most of the population speak English. If you are coming to Asia for the first time we recommend flying into Cebu not Manila. Cebu is smaller and easier to get around. Cebu is generally a safe city. As in all S.E Asian countries it is best to keep your belongings and money in a secure place, theft is not a big problem in Cebu.

Malapascua Island

Just a few kilometers off the north tip of Cebu lies Malapascua Island, home to a traditional fishing community of around 4500 people. Surrounded by white sandy beaches broken up by small rocky outcrops. The island has a handful of bars and restaurants and resorts ranging from basic to luxury. Labeled as the next Boracay by the Lonely Planet, Malapascua has everything for the travelling diver. The island takes about 1hour to walk round and fantastic views can be seen from the lighthouse. The locals are interested to meet foreigners and like to find out your name and were you come from. The island is suitable for families.

Diving, Packages and Courses

Discount Diving Offer 10% off - Book your dive holidays via e-mail or call us and pay flat rate of $18 per dive, normal price $20 (based on diving with your own equipment or $22.50 with full rental equipment). For the latest on group, club or agents prices please contact us.

Standard Dive Rates (for none booked customers):

Single Dive (own equipment)


Single Dive (with rental equipment)


Day Trip Including 2 Dives (with own equipment)


Day Trip Including 2 Dives (with rental equipment)


PADI Discover Scuba Diving


PADI Scuba Tune up


PADI Junior Open water


PADI Open water


PADI Adventure Diver


PADI Advanced Open water


PADI Basic Nitrox (includes gas)


Nitrox Fills per Tank


PADI Rescue Diver


PADI Divemaster course includes Free Unlimitted Diving
($100 admin fee, then $100 per week 4- 8 weeks)

$100+ $100/week